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Self Levelling Screeds

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East West Flooring Screeds

Below is information on the range of
screeds we can provide to our clients
across the UK, get in touch for a quote.

Self Levelling Screeds

Cemfloor has made its way into the market as one of the best screeds available. The material is mixed at ready mix concrete plants to ensure quality and consistency throughout the pours. The product is easy to lay and work with allowing squads of only 4 operatives to pour in excess of 1000m2 per day. Cemfloor uses a cement based binder produced in Ireland, this has dramatically reduced drying times before flooring can be laid.

Self Levelling Screeds


Cemfloor is our latest screed we supply to the majority of Scotland, the main key difference between this screed and the others we can offer is that Cemfloor has a cement-based binder instead of Anhydrite, this means a few things. One it can dry out much much quicker than the Calcium Anhydrite and two there is no requirement to sand down the surface to remove the laitance skin. It's also compatible with cement-based primers and adhesives which smooths the transition from screeding to tiling.

Longfloor IntegraCure®

Longfloor IntegraCure® is the perfect liquid cement screed for both domestic and commercial use flooring, with all other cement based flowing screed systems, a curing agent is required to stop the material drying out too quickly, which can result in plastic shrinkage cracking. IntegraCure® completely removes this process from the installation of the screed and reduces the time the operatives need to be onsite. Laitance free so that means there’s no site revisits for sanding before floor coverings can be laid.

Cemfloor HPC & HPCT

Cemfloor HPC is a specially formulated high performance concrete that can be used to create stronger and more durable floor slabs with less shrinkage and increased bay sizes to minimise joints compared to those constructed with conventional concrete. Higher compressive and flexural strengths are achieved enabling a reduction in slab thickness providing an improved environmental profile. High quality finishes can be achieved without power floating with the option to polish to enhance aesthetics. The screed needs to be a minimum of 65mm thk.


Microcement is a new market of screed East West Flooring has entered, usually applied as a very thin topping 3-10mm onto one of the above screeds it acts as a finished floor to give the look of Polished Concrete. It can be laid in any colour or style as it is extremely customisable, the product can even go up walls to create a room with all 4 sides in a polished concrete style. As this product is very specialised it does have its own page on our website and suggest you call us with any further questions.